Anna Sky

Anna has been published by multiple presses and her story in The Big Book of Submission: Volume 2 (Cleis Press, 2018) was praised by Publishers Weekly as 'standout'.

She loves writing flash fiction and short stories in various genres, most of which never see the light of day. Apart from that, she's (in no particular order) polyamorous, a CFS & fibro spoonie, and a lover of puns, strong tea, good coffee and geekery.

Anna Sky's standout "Imago" lyrically explores tattooing
-- Publishers Weekly review of The Big Book of Submission: Volume 2

My Books

I have two collections of my own work, Naughty Shorts and Wicked Games and am contributing author to most of the other books listed. If there's an asterisk (*) next to the title, it denotes I'm the editor.

Erato: Flash Fiction Cover Image
Erato: Flash Fiction
Amazon US | Amazon UK
Silence is Golden Cover Image
Silence is Golden
Amazon US | Amazon UK
Goodbye Moderation Cover Image
Goodbye Moderation
Amazon US | Amazon UK
Inked, Tattoo Erotica Cover Image
Inked, Tattoo Erotica*
Amazon US | Amazon UK
Impervious, by Janet Hardy, Cover Image
Impervious, by Janet Hardy*
Amazon US | Amazon UK
The Big Book of Submission, Volume 2 Cover Image
The Big Book of Submission 2
Amazon US | Amazon UK
Identity: An Eroticon Anthology Cover Image
Identity: An Eroticon Anthology*
Amazon US | Amazon UK
Wicked Games Cover Image
Wicked Games
Amazon US | Amazon UK
Naughty Shorts Cover Image
Naughty Shorts
Amazon US | Amazon UK
Love Slave: Schooled Cover Image
Love Slave: Schooled
Amazon US | Amazon UK
Love Slave: Heatwave Cover Image
Love Slave: Heatwave
Amazon US | Amazon UK
Spy Games Cover Image
Spy Games
Amazon US | Amazon UK
Landing Strip Cover Image
Landing Strip
Amazon US | Amazon UK
Forest Fantasies Cover Image
Forest Fantasies
Amazon US | Amazon UK
Complete Control Cover Image
Complete Control
Amazon US | Amazon UK
Calling the Shots Cover Image
Calling the Shots
Amazon US | Amazon UK
White Swans Cover Image
White Swans
Amazon US | Amazon UK

Contact Anna

Please use the form to send me an email; I aim to get back to everyone within a couple of working days.

Due to the nature of my writing, a small number of people send inappropriate messages. For this reason, your IP address is sent to me in addition to your enquiry. I do not use this information anywhere else and it is to enable me to better deal with offenders and for no other purpose.
If you do not wish me to have this information, please contact me on Twitter instead.

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